Vacuum Sealer | Dry & Moist Food Modes

$99.00 $79.00

This Vacuum Sealer preserves freshness on your food as it reduces air and limiting bacterial growth on your food. That would cause your vegetables, meats and liquids to spoil so easily. Sealing your food blocks growth of mold, fungus and bacteria that are responsible for ruining the taste, appearance and texture. It is also lightweight and compact, which can be placed on any kitchen counter top with stain-resistant housing that will not absorb any accidental spills.



The Ideal Money And Time Saving Solution: Cooking and meal preparation will become easier, more economical and faster, as you will be able to equip and organize your freezer, with fresh food ready to be defrosted and served or fresh ingredients instead of freezer burned food filled with ice crystals which will probably end up in the trash can.

Easy To Operate: Fully automatic simple electric plug in design with the control centre placed on the top panel and soft touch digital buttons. A smart device at your family`s service!


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